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You can search for a case using the case number or the name of one of the parties involved in the case. To expand your search you can enter a partial first or last name. To get started enter a case number or party name and then press the corresponding button located below the input field(s).

Search by File Date and Case Type

The 'Ending Case File Date' is optional. It can be used to select more than one day of cases.
If no stop date is selected, one day of results will be displayed.
The start and stop dates must be within 7 days of each other.
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Search by Case Number

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Search by Party Name

When searching for a specific name, you can enter a partial first name and/or a partial last name and the program will perform a search for all names beginning with the values entered. To search for a business, enter the business name in the last name field and leave the first name field blank
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